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About Us


We love volleyball, and if you do too, we're going to get along just fine! :)

I'm the owner, Jayme.  I started my business way back in the day, when I was making volleyball outfits for my toddler. It morphed into the online volleyball store it has become today over years of tweaking and adding products. 

 At My Little Athlete, we make volleyball team gifts, apparel, and we are always looking to add more unique ideas to the store.  

We are located in beautiful Alaska. (I say beautiful, because as I'm writing this, it's summer time... if I was writing during winter, I'd likely call it cold, dark and windy.)  This is me in my backyard:

If you've ever wanted to visit, make sure it's in the summer.  You can contact me anytime through email, and I'll be happy to answer questions.  I am also, ALWAYS in the mood to talk about volleyball. 

You can follow our fun IG page @volleyball_challenge or you can follow us on

I hope to hear from you!