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What You Don't Know About Volleyball Court Dimensions - The Dig Episode 022

Things you might know:

The indoor volleyball court is 30 feet by 30 feet on your side of the net, which makes the entire court 30' x 60'. The beach volleyball court is 26'3" x 52'6".

Things you might not know about volleyball court dimensions:

From corner to corner, the court is 42.43'. Soooo what does that mean? When you hit angle from the outside hitter position, you gain an extra 12' of court. That's a lot more room for error than hitting down the line. (Same is true if you're hitting from the right side.) volleyball court dimensions Likewise, serving from corner to corner, will gain you an additional 7' of court. If you are a server who tends to miss deep, consider serving from area 1 towards area 1 or from area 5 into area 5. volleyball court dimensions Listen to this episode of the dig to hear how court dimensions affect you.


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