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8 Volleyball Rules for the Absolute Beginner - The Dig Season 1 Episode 16


beginner volleyball

This episode of The Dig doesn't answer a direct question, but instead, it focuses on 8 rules that every new volleyball player needs to know. Each rule is broken down in more depth on the podcast, but here is the list. 

Volleyball Rules for Beginners

1. Don’t touch the net.

Don't ever touch the net, it's not wise.

2. Three contacts

When the ball is on your side of the net, you only get 3 touches. This does not include the blocker if they happen to touch the ball.

3. No double touches.

You cannot contact the ball two times in a row, unless the first contact was a block. You can play the ball two times before it goes over, but not two times in a row.

4. You cannot touch the line on a serve.

Your foot may not touch or cross over the end line before you contact the ball for your serve.

5. If the serve hits the net, it’s playable.

The ball is allowed to touch the net and remain in play.

6. The line is in.

If the ball touches any part of the line, it is considered in.

The libero has to wear a different colored jersey.

The libero has their own set of rules, therefore they have their own jersey color. (We will go into more depth on liberos in a later episode.)

8. You must stay in a circle to rotate.

This means you must have 3 front row and 3 back row players at all times. Once you rotate to the back row, you have special rules you have to follow so it is important to know if you are front row or back row. That is a quick outline of the first rules you should learn in volleyball. To hear more, and get more advanced rules, be sure to subscribe to the podcast, and then go leave a review in iTunes. As always, leave a voicemail by clicking the button below:

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