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Volleyball iMessage Sticker App

Remember how long we had to wait for the volleyball emoji?  The waiting seemed like it would never end.  Don't worry.       With iMessage Stickers, volleyball players will not be the last ones to have some fun.   You can download the Volleyball Sticker App      If you don't know already, iMessage (from iPhone) has offered us a brand new function called stickers.  Hit your friends with the Block Party sticker that they didn't see coming, or congratulate someone for their      40 stickers already available in the app store.  Click here.   Or search from your iMessage app.   To open your app drawer: Open Messages, tap , and enter a contact or tap on an existing conversation. Tap  , then...

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Serve Receive Drills - Passing Average App

Oftentimes I want a simple way to calculate passing stats.  Maybe we are doing serve receive drills, or maybe I want a quick overview of a match, but either way, I want the ability to do it quickly and efficiently.   What I don't want is to have to pull out my volleyball stats app, enter a new match, each player's name, and then calculate the passing average, one pass at a time. Introducing: The Volleyball Passing Average App Take your stats by hand, and when you're done, enter your total number of zeros, ones, twos and threes into the app, and click calculate.  It's easy as pie. Ideal for Serve Receive Drills Are you curious to know which player or...

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